The Divisions


Hotels that offer active wellness/health tourism tailored to group needs in rural area of five Croatian counties with the traditional Croatian cuisine, rich heritage, and cultural events in surrounding of intact nature.

Indoor and outdoor facilities are adapted for all categories of guests.

The hotels will be categorized with 4 stars with a special mark of quality (Q) due to architectural and service adaptation, energy efficiency, conservation and environmental protection with innovative solutions.


Center for Rehabilitation, Education and Sport includes activities for rehabilitation and education for all categories of persons with disabilities and their families, professionals and students of all educational institutions. Special medical problems can be solved inside the clinic.

Rehabilitation and educational unit will contain rehabilitation facilities equipped with special educational cabinets, exterior and interior polygons for exercise and training, exercise facilities, specially adapted rooms for music practice, art pavilion, farmhouses for therapeutic horses/dogs and accommodation for customers.

Sports section includes a multifunctional hall for organizing international competitions, sports rehabilitation and other activities that can be available also to residents of the region.

Clinic will be organized in several specialized divisions: Adult (general medical, subspecialist- gastroenterology, cardiology, gynecology, psychiatry, and dermatology), Dental medicine and Pediatric clinic. Clinic will provide services for users of Noble hotels for the purpose of completing offers of health tourism. An additional annex to the clinic will be built parallel with the construction of “Luxury designer hotel”.

The hotel (4 stars with a special mark of quality) capacity will be approximately 200-250 units, with wellness facilities fully adapted for people with disabilities with innovative solutions based on „Universal design“, library and computer aids for reading, space for children, 2 à la carte restaurants – offering different kinds of cuisine, multifunctional conference halls with a total capacity of 600 persons in wheelchairs or approximately 700 people.


Tourism, wellness and health activities are organized on the principle of selective tourism, which includes:

Balanced development of tourist services, protection and valorization of resource potential;
Development of new forms of individual rather than mass tourism;
Uniformly scheduling activities throughout the year based on 4 seasons.

Active tourism services combine indoor and outdoor activities, exploration of the rich heritage and cultural contents along with traditional regional cuisine. Favorable climatic conditions allow us to organize activities throughout 4 seasons.

Wellness and health activities additionally complement accommodation for customers to alleviate or solve problems with: allergies, bronchitis, and imunosupression, long-term use of medications, colds, chronic fatigue, tension, stress, migraine, obesity, sciatica, sports injuries, rheumatic problems, various skin diseases, poormemory and other everyday problems.


The production of food and drinks from ingredients grown by local farmers is significant in terms of quality, limited quantity and lower purchase price. Our goal is to offer the highest quality foods for our guests and a small amount of exclusive stores through our local partners. This type of organization will run micro-production and distribution without significant investment in expensive technology and distribution network.

The production is planned through family farms (OPG), and our role will be improving quality with know-how, creating a visual identity and ensure marketing promotions. This method greatly reduces the costs of production, increases revenue and helps develop the hotel areas.

The production of souvenirs will be organized in similar ways as food and drink production. We plan on refining some existing souvenirs and design some new based on market needs. For the production of souvenirs we will use only natural materials, and final products should pose a functionality as well as association on the place of origin.