The PH Concept

“Prilagođeni hoteli” (Adapted Hotels) is an innovative Greenfield concept developed through the ten-years-period in collaboration with persons with disabilities and their families, elderly and families with young children from Croatia and EU countries. The planned locations are in continental/continental-coastal rural areas that combine active wellness and health tourism, energy efficiency, environmental protection and renewable energy sources, biological wastewater treatment, friendly technical solutions and selection of the environment-friendly building materials. Hotel adaptation implies the architectural and accommodation adaptation based on the Universal Design principles that ensure quality and functionality for all target groups, from active ones to those with mobility and communications limitations.

The project has entirely been designed in an ambitious and innovative way. The main features are based on the Universal Design which is enables: adaptation from active users to those with mobility and communications limitations; energy efficiency by using renewable sources of energy; preservation of nature; economic growth of the area within the vicinity of the hotels and tourist offer organization based on “custom made” principle.

The project was entirely designed in an innovative and holistic way to become a new standard in hospitality with long-term high profit sustainability.